Why Us?

ExpressNotices was created by experienced construction developers and business owners to help individuals and businesses secure their rights and get paid on every job.
Understanding the need in this industry, we have developed a revolutionary, state at the art system that collects the necessary information to file your paper work and processes it with only a few steps.
Whether filing a preliminary notice, mechanics lien, or bond claim, using ExpressNotices takes the stress and hassle out of the entire process.

About Us

The Express Notices team is comprised of business owners in the construction, real estate, and technology industries with over 30 years combined experience.
The system itself was developed by our senior software development team with 20+ years experience.
Our team understands the importance of getting paid, and has experience in filing liens which do just that. By filing preliminary notices, your rights to file a lien in the event of non payment are better secured. Without filing preliminary notices, your chances of collecting on bad receivables minimizes, and sometimes requires an attorney to recover your damages.
Express Notices maintains relations with construction attorneys, insurance agents with construction experience, and contractors to ensure that our team is knowledgeable and offers the best quality service possible.
Express Notices has invested years in developing our easy to use system, which has capabilities of filing thousands of documents daily. Our system is routinely updated in accordance with state lien laws to file all documents correctly, and on time.
Our copy-written and trademarked software is EXCLUSIVE in the industry. Compared to competitors, our system is state-of-the-art from the easy filing process, to tracking your orders, and deadline calculators with reminders of when your documents should be filed.

Filing Process

You may be wondering, “What happens once I submit my order?”. The process is as follows:

Step 1: Clients enter their personal, employer, and job information into Express Notices’s easy to use online system, or through fax:

Step 2: Express Notices’ team researches and verifies the accuracy of the submitted paper work, according to legal county requirements. The paper work is then submitted to the county recorders office, electronically (if applicable), or by curries or by mail.

Step 3: Once the paperwork is recorded, our team sends duplicates to all parties involved in the process, such as: owner of the asset, contractors, and (or) related individuals or groups.

Step 4: Track your order online at your convenience.

The entire process takes between 2-5 business days or can be done immediately by ordering our “same day services”.
Let Express Notices work for you. We are lien experts that get you paid.

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