• Who are ExpressNotices’s customers?
    General Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers, Rental Equipment Companies, Material Suppliers, Architects, Engineers, and other construction related suppliers
  • What services Does ExpressNotices offer?
    ExpressNotices offers nationwide services including Preliminary Notices,  Stop Notices ,liens and lien releases
  • What is a Preliminary Notice ?
    A preliminary notice is a notice that is mailed out to the parties up the chain from your company to notify them of your presence on the project. The preliminary notice gives the owner notification that you are supplying labor and/or materials to the project and that you are protecting your lien rights in the event of non-payment.
  • Preliminary notices are also known as:
    Preliminary notices are often called other names,may very from states to state , such as: Pre-lien, Pre-lim, Notice to Owner, Notice of Furnishing, Notice of Intent to Lien and Notice to Contractor
  • When should a preliminary notice be sent out?
    For your protection, suggests you file a preliminary notice for every job you start. Filing date guidelines vary from State to State.
  • Who has lien rights?
    Generally lien rights protect contractors, subcontractors, suppliers providing labor and or materials for the improvement of real property projects. However, each state has their own guidelines that dictate the tier level of coverage under the lien rights statues and what types of work are covered.
  • If you do a preliminary notice does that automatically give you the right to file a mechanics lien?
    Because many factors are involved in determining your right to file a mechanics lien, one must determine the requirements for the state they are working in, timeliness of their notice(s), and compliance with the notice(s) requirements.
  • What is a Lien Waiver?
    Typically required before a contractor receives a progress draw which waives the right to claim a mechanic’s lien in the future. Also known as: waiver of lien, lien waiver, lien waiver form, waiver forms, construction lien waiver, conditional lien waiver, partial lien waiver, partial waiver of lien, final lien waiver, final waiver of lien and unconditional lien waiver
  • What is a Lien Release?
    Releasing a construction from the record after being paid in full. Also known as: release of lien, lien release, form lien release, lien mechanic’s release, construction lien release, mechanic’s lien release, final lien release, unconditional lien release, lien release form, lien release partial, conditional lien release and release of mechanic’s lien form.

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